Activity Packs:  Volunteers

Activity Pack Volunteers meet every Monday afternoon from 1.15pm in the community room, supported by Shopna, our Parent Support Partner.

This gives parents the chance to make resources for the school. Activity packs are used to support Home Learning for children in the Early Years. This is one of the ways you can support your child’s school as a volunteer. 


What will you gain?

  • New skills and confidence while making the packs, making new friends and meeting different people
  • An understanding of how resources are used to support learning
  • The opportunity to build up relationships with staff members, which will give you more confidence when speaking to your child’s class teacher
  • Working as a volunteer will help you if you want to return to work


How will this help the school?

  • Provides resources that staff may not normally have time to make, and at the same time gives a sense of valuable input for the parent
  • Parents understand more about their child's learning and can help them at home
  • A great way for you to make a contribution, as there are very few spaces to volunteer or help in the class room


Please see Shopna if you are able to make a weekly commitment and you would like to volunteer.