Information meetings and courses

Shapla Primary School has joined with other local schools to form the Shadwell and St Katharine’s collaborative. This means we can offer more adult learning courses. The other schools in the collaboration are Bigland Green, Harry Gosling, Mulberry School for Girls, St Paul’s C of E Whitechapel.
Some courses are held at Shapla, and some at other schools, or at the Mulberry and Bigland Green community centre. Here are some of the meetings and courses we run for parents:


Information meetings, for example...

  • Safeguarding children
  • Internet safety
  • Home School agreement
  • Year 6 SATs preparation
  • Letters and Sounds in Early Years
  • Reading in Early Years
  • Transition in Year 6
  • Governor Surgery


To help parents understand how children learn at Shapla

  • Curriculum Workshops
  • Reading and Phonics workshops
  • Family Learning workshops
  • Family Learning Week
  • Family trips and visits


Parenting courses

  • Strengthening Families Strengthening Community
  • It's your Child's Life
  • Speak Easy – helping parents support their child growing up
  • Healthy Lives workshops


Adult courses that support employability skills

  • Resource making volunteer group for parents
  • Financial Literacy courses
  • ICT at various levels
  • ESOL from entry Level 1 – Level 3
  • Maths
  • Literacy
  • Employability support



At the moment we are still able to offer most courses free of charge to parents. If you would like to join a course, please speak to Shopna or Janice.