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3d Designers

In our new topic we are focusing on computing and ICT. We will use computer software to design buildings in the same way that  professional architects and designers work. We will use software that you can download for free at home such as Scratch (for programming), https://www.buildwithchrome.com/ (interactive lego) and Sketch Up (3D design). We have already met the architect working on the restoration project at Wiltons and asked questions about her work.


Local History: Wilton's Music Hall project

Green Class have been learning about the fascinating history of Wilton's Music Hall. As part of a Heritage Lottery funded project, the children visited Wilton's to find out about the changes the building is undergoing. They have toured the building twice; in the middle of the building works and during the final stages of development. They have been able to see first hand the exciting improvements to the music hall buildings, to meet various contractors and staff responsible for the buuilding programme, to learn about the history of the site and even to see the whole of London from the roof!

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