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We have been learning about lots of different types of transport. We have read different stories to help us with our learning.


The Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke

We retold the story using small world play

We learnt about real buses. We learnt that people used to use horses to move the buses in the olden times. Then people invented engines. We also designed our own buses for the future.


Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

We retold the story using props and music. 

We learnt about the moon. It has craters on it, which are made by rocks flying into the moon. There is no gravity on the moon. 

"Gravity holds you down on the floor" Fatima

"Atmosphere is invisible. It helps you breath in and out" Rizwan


The Train Ride by June Crebbin

We retold the story using pictures and music.

We learnt about real trains. People used to ride steam trains in the olden times.

"The driver puts coal on the fire. The fire turns the water to steam.. Coal comes from the ground" Ariana

We went on our own train ride. We went on a DLR train. 

The DLR doesn't need a driver. "It uses a computer" Nayeem

In Japan, there are trains called Bullet trains. "Bullet train goes really fast" Aadam


We also went to the fire station. We had lots of fun!