Learning at Shapla 

We aim to provide high-quality learning experiences that lead to a consistently high level of pupil achievement. We are inclusive and have high expectations of all children. We support pupils in developing knowledge, understanding and skills, preparing them to make a mature adult contribution to society. 


Shapla Definition of Learning

‘Learning is a lifelong journey where you acquire new skills, knowledge and understanding, then build on these and make connections over time as they become embedded. It is an active process and relies on engagement, motivation and attitude.’


Approaches to Learning

We believe that children learn best when they:

  • are happy
  • are interested and motivated
  • are challenged and stimulated
  • are given tasks which match their ability
  • clearly understand their work and know how to improve it
  • are involved in choosing their own learning
  • achieve success and feel confident to try new learning
  • are aware of boundaries and expectations for good behaviour
  • feel safe and secure

We also believe that children learn best within a real and meaningful context. Therefore we embed English and Maths within other subjects wherever appropriate.


What learning looks like at Shapla

 We offer many opportunities for children to experience practical learning first hand. This not only enriches the learning experience but provides access to lifelong interests, opportunities and aspirations.

Children learn through a variety of experiences, including:

  • IPC topics that are often practical, collaborative, challenging and involve problem-solving
  • learning outdoors
  • visits to places of worship
  • visits to national and local museums and galleries
  • special focus weeks such as Book Week, Maths Week and Science Week
  • working with experts such as journalists, scientists, inventors and artists
  • School Journey in Year 5
  • sharing learning through exit points, class assemblies
  • performing for an audience, such as Early Years Nativity or the Royal College of Music
  • working together with other schools, such as the Shapla Paralympics
  • Family Learning activities that enhance parental engagement