Great Learning, Great Teaching, Great Fun.....

'Learning the IPC is great because you get to understand what happens in the past. We learned about Ancient Greece and the Ancient Romans. We went to the British Museum to sketch Roman armour, such as shields. We made clay models of Roman warriors. Now I know how Ancient Romans and Greeks lived.'                        
Yousuf, Year 5


We teach the International Primary Curriculum at Shapla and it is a comprehensive, thematic and creative curriculum.It is also great fun! Children learn a wide range of skills that match National Curriculum learning objectives. Perhaps most importantly, children at Shapla develop a really strong international awareness, helping them to learn about the world beyond London. This will help them to prepare for a global future. The IPC is used by schools in more than 65 countries around the world. 

Classes learn through topics that have been carefully chosen to provide just the right challenge for each age group. Subjects taught through IPC include science,  technology, geography, history, art, dance, music, ICT and computing, society and International Mindedness.

Classes are paired so that they learn topics together. Each topic always includes a trip or visit that helps children learn first hand through questioning, researching and recording. Look out for exciting Exit points where children will often be sharing their learning at the end of a unit.

Find out more about the International Primary Curriculum:
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Parents can also learn about the IPC by checking out the notice board outside the school gate, and class pages on the website, which have information and photographs that show how we learn at Shapla.