At Shapla Primary School, we believe that sports and extra-curricular clubs play an important role in promoting social inclusion, healthy lifestyle and self-confidence.


What is the Sports Premium?

The Government in England has provided additional funding of over £150 million per annum since 2013/14 to improve PE and school sport in primary schools. From September 2017, the funding will be doubled to enable primary schools to make further improvements to the quality and breadth of the PE and sport they offer.

For 2017 – 18 Shapla Primary School received £8,500.00 Sports Premium.

Purpose of the funding

All schools have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but there is freedom to choose how we do it. Our aim is to maintain the quality and quantity of sports and afterschool clubs, inter and intra school competitions, as well as to raise opportunities for pupils to try different activities whilst raising participation numbers.


At Shapla Primary School we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of the children. We believe that an innovative and varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all children.

Furthermore through sports and physical activity we aim to develop a greater awareness about dangers such as obesity, smoking and other such activities that can have a detrimental impact upon pupil health and well-being.


Use of the funding at Shapla Primary School:

The money will be used so that all children benefit regardless of their sporting ability. We will continue to place a high priority on our PE provision and, as such, have invested in additional staffing and resources to further enhance the PE curriculum as well as extra-curricular sports during lunchtime and after schools clubs. 


  • To contribute to membership of the Tower Hamlets Youth Sport Foundation (THYSF) which provides competitions, curriculum support and specialised sports coaching during PE lessons. (£6,021.00):
  • To pay for cover staff to undertake professional development opportunities:
    • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and network meetings for PE subject leader
  • To pay for resources to be replenished and kept up to date
  • PE equipment annual maintenance 
  • To help fund Healthy Schools Week within school.
  • To promote and host Paralympic Sports event



 Impact of Sports Premium 2016 - 2017


We have received the London Healthy Schools Award - Silver (April 2017) and are now in the process of applying for the Gold Award.

The school particates in local school competitions in hockey, badminton, football and waterpolo and were awarded overall winners in the hockey championships 2016 - 2017.

All children in Years 3 - Year 6 have specialist sports coaching which has seen an increase in participation in a wide variety of sports. 

Pupils in Key Stage 2 participated in Marathon Kids where each child ran a marathon over two terms.

The profile of sport has been raised across the school with all children participating in Summer 2017 Sports Day.



 Deployment and use of specialist coaches and activities during 2016-2017

Year Group


Reception Olympic Park Visit
Year 2 tennis, handball
Year 3 rugby
Year 4 handball
Year 5 swimming, judo, hockey
Year 6 swimming, dance, hockey
After School Club cricket hockey
  Paralympic Event
KS2 Marathon Kids

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