At Shapla we believe that good attendance makes all the difference to learning. Days missed from school are days that children will never get back, and it can be difficult for children to catch up when new things are taught every day. Research shows a direct link between poor attendance and poor attainment. This is also something that the Government prioritises and we monitor attendance very closely.

Our attendance target is 96%.

Last year (2016 - 2017) our overall attendance figure was 95.61%.  

Click here to read our Annual Attendance Report 2016 - 2017.



From time to time children are really unwell and cannot come to school. In this case please call the office between 8.55am and 9.15am on the first day and explain why they are absent. This will be recorded in the register and the office will let the class teacher know. Parents also need to complete an absence slip when the child returns to school. Please ask at the office.


Unauthorised absence

A child will be given an unauthorised absence if the office has not been given a reason for a child’s absence. We can only authorise absences if there is a good reason, such as illness or bereavement.

Attendance and Welfare Advisor

We work closely with Tower Hamlets Attendance and Welfare advisory service.

Our Attendance and Welfare Advisor (AWA) is Ropna Alom. She completes register checks and monitors pupil attendance closely. Where there is a concern about attendance, parents will be invited to attend a meeting to discuss this and to ensure that attendance improves. 

Criteria for referral to the AWA
  • 10 consecutive days of unauthorised absence
  • five sessions of unauthorised absence in a five week period (primary)
  • 15 late marks L in a five week period
  • 15 sessions of authorised absence in a five-week period with no medical certificate received
  • failure to return to school following a fixed term exclusion
  • pupils known to have returned from extended leave where an application for re-admission has not been received


Sometimes there is a good reason why it is difficult to bring your child in to school. Please do let us know. Ropna can be contacted on 020 7364 3422 if parents would like advice.


Persistent absence

The Attendance and Welfare Advisor monitors all children for persistent absence every half term. Persistent absence is when a child misses 11+ sessions during the 1st Half Term; 21+ sessions for terms 1 - 2; 30+ sessions terms 1 - 3; and 37+ sessions for terms 1-4, (a session is counted as a morning or an afternoon). This will trigger an automatic referral to the AWA. The child’s name will be kept on the register of persistent absence for the whole of the academic year, and they are monitored more closely by the AWA and the local authority.


How do you know when to keep your child at home?

Please check your child’s temperature, even if they tell you that they are feeling unwell. Advice from the school nurse is that children should not come to school if they have a temperature of over 38°C (100.4 F) . We sell digital thermometers in the school office for £3.50. If they have a temperature of between 37.5°C and 37.9°C (99.5F and 100.2F), they have a low grade fever, and parents can check with a pharmacy if it is suitable take medication such as Calpol. They can still come to school if this is the case.If children have diarrhoea or vomiting they should not come to school for 24 hours.If you are in any doubt we would advise parents to bring children in to school. We will keep a close eye on them and let you know if they become unwell and need to be collected.


What happens if a child becomes unwell at school?

We will call parents and send children home if they become too unwell to stay in school. It is very important that the school office has an up to date contact number so that we can let you know straight away. If we cannot contact you we will contact the secondary named person and ask them to collect the child.


Medical appointments

Children should not miss school for routine medical appointments with the doctor, dentist, optician etc. Please book appointments after school, at the weekend or during the school holidays. Sometimes children are given appointments with a specialist service such as the hospital, and this may be during school time. Please bring a copy of the letter to the school office so it can be copied and filed.A child should not miss school because their parent or another child has a medical appointment.


Penalty payments

At Shapla we follow the Tower Hamlets guidelines for penalty payments related to poor attendance. Please see the link below.


Extended leave

We follow Tower Hamlets Policy and accordingly, extended leave is unauthorised. There is a high risk of your child losing their place at Shapla. You are expected to make arrangements for all holidays and Extended Leave during the thirteen weeks of school holiday each year.