Admission to Nursery

Parents who would like a nursery place for their children should get in touch with the school when the child reaches the age of two.  The actual age at which children start will depend on the number of places available, but will not be before the age of three.

Where there are insufficient places, priority in the 2018/19 school year will be given by the headteacher in the following order:-

  1. To children looked after by a local authority (children in care).
  2. To children with an agreed exceptional medical or social need for that particular school.  This can include the parents', carers', or other family members' medical conditions and the family social needs. These applications must be supported by at least one report from a professional, e.g. a doctor or social worker.
  3. To children with brothers or sisters in the school at the time of admission.
  4. To those living nearest the school as measured by the shortest walking distance to the nearest available entrance in constant use.

In the event of oversubscription within third and fourth categories, priority will be given to children by the shortest walking distance.

The length of time that a child's name has been on the waiting list does not give the child priority over other applicants.

Parents will be required to provide acceptable independent proof of their child's address and identification.


For further information about Nursery admission click on the link below:



Admission for children in Reception through to Year 6

Applications for children in Reception through to Year 6 should be made directly with Pupil Admissions at Mulberry Place.  Click on the link for further information:


Parents must make sure the application form they complete is accurate.  Parents should contact Pupil Services or tell their child's school if there are relevant changes to their application after it has been submitted.  Places may be withdrawn if false information is entered on the application form.  Parents who do not provide evidence of their child's address as requested, or provide conflicting or inconclusive information, may have the place withdrawn, even if it has already been accepted.  When parents live separately, the address used should be the one that their child usually lives at and attends school from.  If a child lives equally with both parents at different addresses, it is the parents' responsibility to make this clear on the application form.  Parents may be asked to provide acceptable proof that this is the case.


Please contact Alison, School Business Manager, in the school office for additional information.